The Queens 90th Birthday Celebrations – Marquee Hire

four marquees joined together decorated with red, blue and white decorations and union jack flags for the celebration of the queens 90th birthday

Queen’s 90th Birthday

What a fantastic day when we went into Coventry to the head office of a well-known clothing brand, where we were erecting some of our marquees for them. They were hiring four of our 6m x 6m hexagonal marquees to celebrate the queens 90th birthday by having a tea party for all the staff on the head office car park.

We arrived at the head office at 2pm on the Tuesday, where they had set out an area where they wanted the marquees to be set up. We erected the marquees in a line and then joined them all together using gutters so if it decided to rain then it wouldn’t go through the gaps between each marquee. We then weighted all the marquees to the ground with our hard surface anchorage kit and attached the side panels to create a wind break for the staff.

Once the queen’s 90th birthday was over and the event had finished, we came back to collect all the equipment to take back to the office where the marquees would be cleaned and used for upcoming events.

Kit Supplied:

  • 4 – 6m x 6m Hexagonal Frame and Canopies
  • 10 – 3m Pearl and Green Side Panels
  • 4 – Hard Surface Anchorage kit
  • 3 – 3m Gutters

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Staff at a well-known clothing brand enjoying a tea party on the head office car park for the queen's 90th birthday